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With evolved knowledge comes enhanced clarity, and yet, despite all of the mounting research in nutrition science, healthy eating has never been more complicated. As a dietitian, I see how overwhelmed people feel trying to put a basic balanced meal on a plate when they’re met with competing messages around food. One day, your For You Page is riddled with keto carnivore steak and egg sandwiches, the next, it’s pushing whole watermelons as a complete raw vegan meal. The idea of what constitutes “healthy food” has become as divisive as politics and religion, where someone’s diet has become their whole personality. And I’m a dietitian, so of course I think diet and food are important. But in contrast to what the old Hippocrates adage may suggest, we are more than what we eat. Much, much more. Your diet restrictions, food preferences, health goals, and schedule should not dictate your every day. I truly believe that when we’re able to relieve ourselves of the mental burden of trying to eat “perfectly,” we open up space for other acts of self care, pleasure, self-fulfillment and food freedom. 

This is why I created neue theory. As a dietitian, I have long been an advocate for a well planned supplement regimen to help take the guesswork out of eating well. But, I’ve also made it clear that the supplement world as we know it today is a bit of the Wild West. It’s oversaturated, overcomplicated and typically leaves people feeling more confused than confident that their diet needs are (or are not) being met. And because the supplement industry is not well regulated, it’s up to the consumer to discern if a product is effective, safe or even contains what it claims. Understandably, it’s hard to relinquish diet control when you’re completely left in the dark.

My goal for neue theory is to make nutrition easy, effortless, and more intuitive for you. To take one big wellness decision fully off your plate. We know your health is a huge responsibility, which is why we set out to develop products you can wholeheartedly trust. Clear transparency, evidence-based ingredients and doses that actually work. 

Remember, wellness is more than just vitamins, bubble baths and HIIT. It’s giving yourself the space for your diet to be imperfect, spontaneous, and messy, while taking small actions to effortlessly help you still feel your best. Eating well in 2024 often feels like a futile task. We’re on a mission to make nutrition easy, effortless, and more intuitive for you with evidence-based, delicious supplements that support your goals. We've done the work for you so you don't have to.

We look forward to welcoming you to the neue theory family, consider us your daily dose of self care. 

Abbey Sharp

Registered Dietitian
Co-Founder, CEO neue theory


Abbey Sharp is a world-renowned Registered Dietitian (RD), content creator, award-winning author, TV and radio personality, founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc, and CEO of neue theory. With a massive online audience, Abbey has made it her mission to dismantle diet culture and help people rekindle their relationship with food. With her signature science and sass, Abbey Sharp is one of the world’s most trusted sources of nutrition information. 


Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Ginger blazed an industry trail working in communications for Walt Disney Studios, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Family Channel, Lifetime, Food Network Canada and other nationally and internationally recognized brands. She has been a key strategist for a plethora of media campaigns and has built a professional network that includes bold name celebrities, content creators, experts, broadcasters, and senior executives. Ginger is a 2013 Ottawa Forty Under 40 recipient, a three-time RBC Women of Influence nominee, and a fierce advocate for women in business and animal welfare.


Anthony Deluca is a former content creator gone strategist and CEO of Talent Management Incubator Deluca Media Group. Designed to scale creators into fully fledged businesses, DMG was formed to incubate talent in a unique 360 approach that tackles every part of their business and treats creators like complex systems. As a brand engineer who has worked with hundreds of brands on their digital branding, social media strategies and has helped grow his roster of talent over 20 million followers, Anthony is looking to revolutionize the creator experience.

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advisory committee

Dr. Eric Williamson, PhD, RD

Eric is a registered dietitian with a PhD in exercise nutrition and metabolism. His impressive career has brought him from teaching as an adjunct professor for the University of British Columbia, to coaching some of the most elite athletes and sports teams. He now owns and operates an online nutrition coaching company, Unlocked Fitness and Nutrition, and is the Director of Nutrition for Canyon Ranch resorts. Eric’s in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date science and experience working with a broad range of groups has made him a go-to resource for the most effective ways to achieve optimal health, body composition and performance.


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Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND

Dr. Laura is a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's hormones, thyroid concerns, PCOS, and fertility. She is knowledgeable and passionate about evidence based supplements to gently support women’s health without dietary restriction. Dr. Laura is also the author of the book, My PCOS Pregnancy: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Pregnancy with PCOS.

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Caitlin Self, LDN, CNS

Caitlin Self is a licensed dietitian/nutritionist (LDN), certified nutrition specialist (CNS), and owner of the functional and integrative private practice Caitlin Self Nutrition. She holds a master's degree in Human Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health, and formerly held the position of instructor in the Nutrition Department. Caitlin's practice focuses on GI specialties, especially SIBO, as well as related mental health conditions.
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Maiya Ahluwalia, RD

As a registered dietitian and food enthusiast, Maiya Ahluwalia provides holistic nutrition support on mindful eating and sustainable practices. With a non-diet approach to nutrition, Maiya helps her clients develop mindful eating habits that can be sustained for a lifetime, while enjoying their favourite foods. Her services are available to a variety of clients, specializing in women and children and offering support for digestive issues, pregnancy, introducing solids to toddlers, and more. Maiya is also passionate about helping clients embrace their cultural foods while supporting their health history and dietary requirements. Maiya is the owner of Nourishing Balance a virtual healthcare practice.