At neue theory, we stand proud and firm in our belief that diets are the least interesting part of who we are. We challenge the notion that a healthy life must be one of constant sacrifice, and believe that nourishing your body and mind should be a fulfilling experience. neue theory takes the guesswork out of nutritional decision-making freeing up mental space for true acts of self-care that fill your cup. Our dietitian-formulated, evidence-based supplements are designed to liberate you from the burdens of nutritional research, planning and preparation. So whether you have dietary restrictions, have wellness goals to meet, or need something taken off your busy plate, our goal is to make nourishing your body simple and stress-free. Let neue theory be your daily dose of self-care, a step towards food freedom, and a full life beyond what you eat. No fads, no diets, just science.

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At neue theory, we believe in helping you better understand what you put into your body every day. We have meticulously selected ingredients that can be traced back to the source so that you can feel confident in what you’re consuming. And more importantly, we work with a cGMP lab and engage a third party testing company to ensure effectiveness, dosage and safety.

Evidence-Based Ingredients

As a dietitian-designed product, we pride ourselves on being an evidence-based formula. We have carefully evaluated the research to determine the most effective blends at the right dosages to help meet your health goals.


Self-care is more than just pampering yourself with luxurious baths and masks—it's about adopting simple, daily habits that prioritize your well-being. Taking a high-quality supplement is an easy and effective way to care for yourself, ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. Make our uncomplicated supplement routine your daily dose of self-care, promoting a healthier and more balanced you.